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Time Attendance Solutions

Employee Time & Attendance is an important part of your business.You and your company understand the need to accurately record, store and process employee time records.So we provide all the time and attendance solution for small & large business in both Singapore and Overseas.

Personal Identification Solutions

Automated Biometrics-based personal identification attempts to answer the questions ‘‘Who are you?’’ and ‘‘Are you who you claim to be?’’ Personal identification, regardless of method, is ubiquitous in our daily lives.So we provide customized personal identification solutions as per your needs.

Door Access Control Solutions

Every office needs a proper door access control system.The benefits of the door access control system include the auto-lock function, the transaction record keeping ability, and most importantly, the easy-to-manage nature which dramatically reduce the administrative work.So our solutions are easy to manage, field proven and more reliable.

Lift Access Control Solutions

This Lift Access Control System is designed for control the floor access and permitting the use of elevator only by authorized cardholder. Through the registration of card, the cardholder only allows to access the specific floors even in specific time zone that enhance security of building.

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